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The Stars and Stripes has gained a reputation for being a great event for beginners as well as advanced.   There is high quality officiating, fierce competition,  and a warm welcome feeling embracing the spirit of taekwondo to all in attendance.  The Father of the Olympics, Baron Pierre De Coubertin once said: “…the important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete…not victory but combat…not to have vanquished but to have fought well…not winning but taking part…  ”  We welcome you to take part in the 2017 Stars and Stripes.

Daedo E-head gear image


Dadoe e-head gear and e-hogu

Black Belt Divisions will fight in a Double elimination format.  All Colored belts will fight single elimination but be guaranteed a minimum of two matches.

This years event will be held for the fourth year in the huge greater Kansas City Sports Lodge.   This is a private multi sport venue and does have everything we need for a high quality tournament.    The KC Sports Lodge is located at 19310 E 50 Terrace, Independence, MO 64055  (816) 795-7171.  This is close to the intersection of 40 Highway and 291 Highway (291 is also I 470)


Just a reminder the DAEDO / TRUESCORE PSS will be used for ALL DIVISIONS and E-Head Gear for all head contact divisions.  A Daedo vendor will have a booth for the sale and rental of the Daedo E-socks.  They are mandatory for this event. The Daedo Heal Socks are optional but recommended for this event because of the E-Head Gear. To purchase E-socks in advance Click Here

We welcome you to take part in the 2017 Stars and Stripes.


The Pruters and the Stars and Stripes Tournament Committee.

This is a great tournament for competitors of all skill levels.  Last year we had great Black Belt Competition as well as a large number of Colored Belt Competitors.   The Stars and Stripes has become one of the best tournaments in the Heart of America, you do not want to miss this one.

Reviews from Stars and Stripes 2015

Jean and Angel

Coach Angel Aranzamendi I want to thank Master Kevin Pruter for the amazing event he, his wife, daughter, and staff ran. The 2015 Stars & Stripes Tournament was a great experience for my kids and the entire Legacy Nation Team. The event started on time and ended by 5pm, sparring only using Daedo hogus and head gear. Each ring had an IR referee insuring rules and safety were obseved. A double elimination event which was gave all multiple fights making the trip worthwhile. There were virtuality NO arguments all day and the energy of the crowd was positive and supportive of the athletes competing. I again credit the Pruter family for making everyone feel so welcome. Parents would walk right up to the rings take video sit quietly not interfere and then go back to the stands! No barriers no stopping the tournament to clear the floor, no stressed out holding area! I'm serious it was a joy too attend this event and we will be back with double the athletes next year!

Coach Ricardo Aguilera  Master Kevin Pruter It was a great tournament as always!

Coach Master Rings  This was one of the best event's i've been too. Quick and logical format - we were out before 5pm! Great event... i'll post another one later but thanks mr. pruter. long drive for us but well worth it.

Coach Seth Wilson   I concur, this was a great event in the midwest and especially so for adult color belts and black belts. The use of all Daedo (headgear and hogu), IR Level referees and a big venue help to make this event run smoothly. See you next year!

Coach Josh Holmes   I think it was probably the best ran event I have been to in years. The staging times were reasonable, and the matches ran smooth, and I didn't see any coaches losing their minds in front of kids (which i know is mostly out of your control). The referees were also very consistent! The feedback I got from parents:

1. Their kid getting to meet 2 Olympians at a tournament in Kansas City was awesome.

2. Venue was easy to get in and around.

3. Great sportsmanship from parents and athletes.

Coach Therese M. Guy    My students enjoyed it. No complaints from us, thanks for the experience

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